How to Create The Perfect Wardrobe

How To Create the Perfect Wardrobe

Ever wondered why you have a wardrobe crammed with stuff but still don’t have a thing to wear? Ever looked admiringly at others who seem to always look effortlessly stylish? Ever tried to steal someone’s style but felt like an imposter when you see yourself in the mirror? Never fear – we’ve all been here. But with the help of my 7 Rules For Creating the Perfect Wardrobe you can stop making the same mistakes and start building a truly stylish wardrobe all of your own!

1.  Be Selective

Make sure your wardrobe is reserved for only those items you love and wear often. The rest should be relegated to another cupboard, storage, sold or donated.

Don’t know what to keep or toss? Download your FREE To Keep or Not to Keep – Worksheet. It will help take the guesswork out of what stays and what goes (if you’re totally honest with your answers, of course!). After all, a good cull is where the perfect wardrobe all begins!

2.  Aim for fit, form, comfort and function

EVERYTHING you wear should be comfortable. And it should be appropriate for the occasion, location and climate. These are my “non-negotiables.”  If you don’t feel good wearing it, it will show.  If it doesn’t fit, get it altered or get rid of it.

3.  Style doesn’t always equal fashion

It’s fine to get inspired and even excited by new season fashions, but make sure you only adopt the latest fashion trends that actually suit your personal style/body shape. Ignore the rest please. Fashion victims are never very stylish.

4.   Invest time and thought into your next purchase

This will help you avoid costly $$ investments in items that don’t suit you or work with your existing wardrobe.

When shopping follow the Style Counsel Golden Rules:

  1. Do you absolutely LOVE it?  
  2. Will it go with at least three other existing wardrobe items  
  3. If it wasn’t on sale would you really have paid full price for it?

5.   Versatility is paramount

Make sure what you buy is mix-and-matchable and layerable (very technical, made-up stylist-speak there!) and in colours that all work together. This makes it easier to build a strong foundation of core basics that work, season-in and season-out. Remember, prints are fine but if you don’t have enough key (light) neutrals, putting together a stylish outfit becomes a lot trickier!

6.   Times change – And So Do You

Classic is great, but even classics change over time. Shapes, washes, colours, fabrics etc. Keep your look  up to date without becoming a fashion victim

7.   Labels Schmables

See Rule #6. Times change! And this even applies to those brands you once thought you could rely on to provide your signature style. Those go-to labels can and do change their buyers and marketing plans, and therefore their quality and style. Don’t define yourself or your signature style based on a brand or fashion label.

What are your best tips for creating the perfect wardrobe? Please share! And don’t forget to download your own copy of my DIY Wardrobe Workout. Everyone needs a little helper, and this just may be what you need to get you started on the road to more functional, simplified wardrobe and style.

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