From Ordinary to Extraordinary

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

An outfit is never really complete without the right accessories. I think of accessories as the punctuation marks in a grammatically correct sentence. Get the punctuation right and the message will be clear. In fact, correct punctuation can even save a life:)

“Let’s eat Grandpa” 

“Let’s eat, Grandpa”

Same applies to sending the right message with your clothing choices. For some it comes easily and naturally. For others, it all seems too hard.

When you hear the word ‘accessorise’ what comes to mind? Do you think it’s fun and absolutely imperative? Or do you wear little more than a wrist-watch, a pair of earrings and carry the same black bag everywhere?

Here are few accessory styling tips to help get you started. Once you get the basic rules sorted, you’ll learn to love accessorising  and will discover how a simple change of accessories can change the whole look and feel of any outfit. I’ve also included links to a selection of different accessories from a range of stores to give you some inspiration…

Create three points of similarity
Choose points of similarity by incorporating the same theme or colour to three  items such as necklace, earrings, watch, bracelet, scarf, shoes, bag or belt. They don’t have to be exactly the same colour or even metal (for jewellery) but the theme should be quite clear. i.e. All modern, traditional, boho, bold, understated, evening, casual.


Learn to accessorise with colour

Pick a colour, repeat it twice. This is my Style Counsel quick-cheat tip because it can be applied to your clothes without even adding too many accessories. It ties everything together and make you look effortlessly put together and not “thrown together” or confused. For example, pop a blue camisole under your white shirt in the same shade as your blue bag or sandals. A bold grey bangle or statement necklace  to match your grey sandals or grey bag. You get the picture…

When choosing sunglasses, make sure you choose a style that not only suits your face shape, but is in a style to compliment (not confuse) your outfit. i.e. casual aviators look great with jeans, sneakers and a classic white tee or tank, but not quite as good with a pretty party frock for a garden party or high tea.

Get to know the shape or your face. When buying a frame, go for the opposite shape to your face. i.e. Your face is round? Choose a square frame, and vice versa. Ideally, the frame of your glasses should line up with the bone that surrounds your entire eye socket, including eyebrows, but of course that’s only in theory as everyone’s nose and face-shape will make that rule almost impossible to follow. Use it as a guide only. Likewise, try to make sure that the top of your glasses frame follows the natural shape of your eyebrows.


Here’s a small selection from a few retailers at Kawana Shoppingworld to suit a range of budgets and style personalities. More to come soon, including accessories to mix and match with a few outfits…


Above: A classic watch you’ll wear forever and with anything; a statement necklace to add colour and texture to a simple white tee; a versatile stretchy belt to cinch in a floaty dress;  a fun, sporty, motivational bracelet. Each of these items can be used to add punch to different outfits.

Below: Beautiful and affordable silver rings from Pandora can quickly become your signature-style pieces; A simple silver pendant never goes out of style (change the length of the chain, depending on your neckline for true versatility); and a gorgeous Karen Walker statement cocktail ring in gold and topaz will really become a much admired accessory for special occasions.


Never underestimate the power of accessorizing to turn an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one.

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