Autumn Must Haves

Autumn Must Haves

Autumn is here, and even if the weather is still slightly moody, the stores are telling us Winter has arrived! I must admit I do feel a little down when I see the shift from colour and lightness to black, plum, greys and a bit more black in nearly every shop window 🙁

But, there are few must-have items I do look forward to each winter, and those are boots and jackets. Jeans are my year-round staple fave so I’m glad to see that coloured jeans are remaining a strong trend this season as they could just be the pop of colour that we all need to avoid those winter blues!

Speaking of blue, at least it’s the one colour you can easily pull off at any time of the year to ensure you don’t look like you’re in total mourning during winter. Find a few colours that you love, and learn how to wear them well so that your wardrobe favourites can be worn all year round.

Ankle Boots


Why: They’ve been around forever, but have had a huge resurgence over the last couple of winters. A versatile style, that works perfectly with skinny jeans.

What: Look for booties that aren’t too chunky or gaping at the ankle – perfect for wearing under a looser cut pant (i.e. boot cut) or with skinnies tucked in or cuffed above the top of the boot. Look for the stacked (almost cuban heel) as it adds length to the legs, but is also easy to walk in. Brands like Diana Ferarri, Country Road, EOS and Nude are my pick of the bunch this season.

Where: I’ve found many a suitable option for my clients (and myself!) from The Iconic and Style Tread – both have an amazing array of styles to choose from and it’s totally risk-free with free shipping and free returns from The Iconic!



Jackets are a passion of mine. I have a wardrobe full of various colours and styles.

Why: Because a good jacket wardrobe enables you to wear your summer pieces all year round, layered under a particular colour and style of jacket; Cropped jackets create structure and the illusion of a waist when worn over floaty, longer-line tops (my Style Counsel signature look); A beautifully cut blazer can dress up – or even “corporatise” (if there is such a word) – any outfit to take it from being dressy to more suitable for work; An anorak or trench can quickly “casualise” (again, not a real word, I know!) an outfit…and on it goes.

What: I have many faves, from a slightly cropped, fitted blazer, to a cropped trench, peacoat. The key is that the jacket isn’t used as a cover-up for your perceived flaws (this only adds bulk), but instead is used to highlight your assets, frame your face or the neckline of a top, and add definition or structure to an outfit. If you are conscious of your hips, make sure the jacket doesn’t finish at or on your widest point. Instead, aim for just above your widest point. And a rounded edge instead of straight-across does wonders for shaving inches off your hips too. Watch out for Julia Gillard style jackets with bulky ties at the tummy or splits at the buttocks that only draw attention to the areas you’re trying to downplay (see below)…

Where: Oh where do I start? Classic jackets can be found almost anywhere – from The Iconic, Country Road, David Lawrence, Sportscraft right through to Cue, Witchery, Portmans, Forever New, and Dotti. Don’t discount places like Target and even K-mart for savvy little cropped numbers in seasonal colours which won’t break the bank and will give your wardrobe a quick update.

So what are you waiting for ladies?  Start building that jacket wardrobe now!

Oh. And a quick note to Julia Gillard on her jackets. I’m here whenever you need me. Just say when!





6 Responses to Autumn Must Haves

  1. Thanks Al. I’m on the hunt for great jackets this Autumn – scored a beautiful emerald coloured blazer in a competition last week. Now hunting for the little cropped numbers you’re so famous for!

    • I’m always on the hunt too Kym – let you know if I find anything special for you! PS How dare you actually “WIN” a jacket? I’ve never even won pass the parcel! hmmph… xx

    • Kerry, I’m glad you liked…now go ahead and get those coloured jeans too! Country Road have them on sale at the moment (great cuts/colours) and even try Kmart and Big W for some great bargains in good colours too xx

  2. Hi Al, loving your update on the boots but I’m scared to wear them because I have shorter legs with a longer torso and broader shoulders that hips. I love the look of them but I’m not sure how to style them to get the most length out of my legs. I get the point about the cuban heel lengthening the leg but I don’t really want to wear them under my bootleg jeans/pants. I’d love to wear them tucked into my more tapered pants/skinny’s or even with a skirt. Can me, with my short legs wear them that way??? I would be so grateful for any tips thanks so much in advance.

    • Hi Heather,

      SO sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the info re your body-shape. It helps. Without actually seeing you, here are my thoughts: You’re right. The ankle boots I’ve recommended are definitely better with skinny jeans (either tucked in or cuffed just above). Or with shorts (not sure how old you are or how you feel about your legs, so that one is open for discussion as to the length of the shorts etc etc) or a short”ish” dress/skirt. If you have shorter legs, the ankle boot will be your friend, not foe, as they will not crowd/chop-off your legs – a heel will always help lengthen too. I am quite height-challenged myself, but I am also weight-challenged (i.e. I don’t have enough of either!) and I do wear my knee-high equestrian style boots without chopping off too much leg. As long as the boot isn’t too long/high cut you should be able to keep things balanced/proportional. If you want to send me a private message and a photo, I’ll be happy to give you a more customised answer! Big Al 🙂

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