Is It Boot Time Yet?

Is It Boot Time Yet?

I received another Ask Al question the other day…

“Good question”, I thought. “There’s a blog in that”, I thought.

So here it is Donna! Following on from my response via my Facebook page…

Al’s Answer:

“I believe  it’s all to do with occasion, location & climate. So, a couple of things to consider when deciding whether it’s the right time for tran-seasonal changes like boots…

Yes, it’s boot-time, if…. it’s quite cool outside – dull, grey, damp, blowy. If it’s still not truly “cold” and maybe even only just out of Summer/in the early stages of Autumn, boots and a light jacket or just a short-sleeve top are fine.

Yes, it’s boot-time if... the sun is shining, it’s really warm outside, but it’s smack in the middle of Autumn/early winter. The question is though, are they absolutely necessary for either?  

It’s really a personal choice, in that everyone feels the change of seasons differently…but the key is that that you don’t look like you’re all mixed up/confused – wearing two different seasons/extremes all at once. By that I mean, for example …ugg boots, shorts & a singlet (as in the picture above). Or a beanie/scarf with jeans a singlet & thongs. Does that make sense? 

Personally, when the seasons start to change I like to gently ease myself into a new seasonal style: Sleeves instead of sleeveless; Ballet flats or loafers instead of sandals; Lightweight jackets over sleeveless or short-sleeves. Then moving slowly into jumpers/cardies and then boots & heavier-weight jackets as the temp drops even further. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t try varying combinations of all of the above depending on how you feel as the climate changes. We all have different barometers so there’s no one-size-fits all! 

One other thing. Is it just me, or have others noticed how the Brisbane temps seem to drop substantially once we hit Anzac Day?  For me, it often marks the true shift from summer to “winter” in terms of fashion. After Anzac Day – apart from one or two odd random hot days – it generally signals “Winter” to me, and because of that sudden shift in temperatures and shorter days, I feel it’s more than appropriate to indulge in my boot fetish – for what that’s worth!

One last thing. My pet hate with QLD’ers has always been the old “thongs in winter” thing! I just don’t get it. I know we don’t have the bitterly cold temps they get down south, BUT. If it’s cold enough to cover up on top, it’s cold enough to wear closed-in shoes at the very least.”

SO…to add to my response to Donna’s question above, I thought I’d share some boots with you – the good, the bad and the “please no’s”!




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