Minimal Style with Maximum Manicures & Scary Hairy Trends

Kym Kardashian's choice for the SAG Awards. Photo Credit: Instyle TwitPic

At this year’s SAG Awards, Kym Kardashian has at least forgone her signature look of way-too-much-makeup and way-too-many-false-lashes BUT! Here’s what this Personal Stylist would’ve done differently…In keeping with my signature styling mantra “Less is more – take one thing off as you walk out the door” AND…

“Keep it simple; Keep it clean; Keep it classic” AND…

“Fashion Fades but style always shines brightly” AND…

Oh dear, I reckon I should stop there (for now). Clearly I may have one too many Signature Styling Mantras! Still, I thought I’d share with you some recent pics from my favourite Fashion mag “In Style” not to mention my personal opinions of each of these looks.

Remember always “Opinions are like bottoms. Everyone has one”. See? Yet another Style Counsel mantra!

Kym’s slightly more understated makeup (I did say slightly and only if compared to her usual caked-on look) is good, but even still, perhaps a little to matte/heavy. A slightly more dewy-look would be softer and more flattering.  With such pale lipstick (which I generally do like) I’d actually have kept her signature smoky eyes/lashes – this time at least! Pale lips need the contrast of statement eye-makeup (and vice-versa – bright lips, go for less eye-makeup).

But what I really don’t like is the dress! It looks like a multitude of serpents are entwining themselves around her breasts and slowly pulling her dress off her! While I’m personally not a fan of purple, with her skin-tone/hair colour she can at least pull the colour off…

Looking more like one has dipped one’s hands in glue and then glitter at a child’s kindy or pre-school craft class, I’m really hoping this latest look will not take off! It’s all too reminiscent of nail decals (or tats for tips/talons as I also affectionately refer to them).

These look too much like those hideous nail decals - or "Tats for Tips" as I like to call them!

Likewise, I’m not a fan of the black nails trend below – aka “Got my fingers jammed in the car-door – all 10 of them!” either!

I DO however jump for “Glee” at Lea’s choice of navy dress (a great soft alternative to basic black) and I also love the hair too!

Glee's Lea Michele wears a great dress at the Emmy Awards but I'm not a fan of the manicure.

I don’t know what it’s made out of” January Jones admitted about her Atelier Versace dress (below and well, I just gotta say, “Neither do I!”  What I DO KNOW is that I wouldn’t wear it if you paid me! Strapless dresses on we skinnier gals can make our chests look like they’re caving in (as this one does) and without even one piece of jewellery (or is that a ring I spy on her finger? Can’t be sure…) the whole look is still just too much!

No matter what your name is, or what the month is, this dress is a no no! Photo Credit:

And last but not least, there’s this scary trend which I fear which I fear may already have hit our Aussie shores…The Hairy Jacket.

I also fear I’ve seen a version of this already in Forever New (this weekend in fact!). Oh no! What would my dog think if I came home in one of these? He’d never speak to me again! Girls, I beg of you. Please leave this kind of “coat” to the dog (the sheepdog from where it came) and go for something a little more stylish this winter.  While she’s doing my signature Style Counsel thang (layering cropped jackets over longer-line/smock-style tops) the texture of the jacket gets all the attention.

As Chanel says “If a woman is poorly dressed, you notice the clothes. If she’s impeccably dressed, you notice the woman”

This girl is stunning, but she gets noticed because of the wild jacket. By the way, where are her hands gone? Oh no! Perhaps the dog ate them? Unfortunately, the hairy scary jacket becomes the focal point and not her/her beauty.

What do you think? I’d you to share your opinions here!

To read is great – to comment is even better!

5 Responses to Minimal Style with Maximum Manicures & Scary Hairy Trends

  1. With you on all of that. I’m a mad keen Chanel fan but I never did get in to the darker nails. I actually don’t like wearing nailpolish anyway apart from on my toes. Too high maintenance. 😉 I LOVE Lea’s hair and may in fact take that pic down to the hairdresser. 🙂 xx

  2. Hi Alison, I have a fashion question to ask you and its about this seasons colour – camel! Although I love the look of it, as a person with fair hair, very fair skin and green eyes, I find it very hard to find a “camel” that suits. My complexion often looks dull and muddy when I’ve tried it on in the past. Should I be going a very dark camel for instance?? or just sticking to the bottom (skirts and pants to keep it away from my face?) any tips with accessories like belts or shoes to break up the colour as well would be really helpful. thanks in advance.

  3. This is my reply to Heather…and I apologise for taking so long to do so!

    There are many “shades of grey” – as there are many shades of camel! You are right – it will come down to finding the perfect hue (and that’s not necessarily because of your skin-tone or colouring – it applies to everyone!)

    Wearing camel/tan on the lower half will be a fail-safe option, but won’t necessarily make you feel like you’ve updated your wardrobe much when you look in the mirror UNLESS you have always traditionally stuck with black bottoms (as 90% of my clients have)!

    That said, using this colour on the bottom still opens up a range of styling options. I like camel/tan with white, cream, red, black, even navy! Don’t underestimate the power of using the camel colour for a belt, shoe or bag to really warm up a basically cool-toned outfit too!

    There is always the option of wearing camel on the upper half and breaking it with an off-white/cream scarf, a flash of a light-coloured camisole or beads. Light neutral accessories (by way of bag, shoes, belts etc) will also help to break it up if you are not sure you like the colour all the way through…

    Let me know how you go! And good luck! Remember, if you FEEL good in something you will always pull it off in style!

    Big Al x

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