Online Personal Shopping & Sourcing

Relaxing and Shopping Online

Hate clothes shopping?

Too busy, or just rather be sleeping?

Never seem to find what you’re after, or don’t really know what suits you?

Why not let your  Personal Stylist  shop online for you?  Because Online Personal Styling is here! 

The Style Counsellor is now also your Online Style “Sourcerer”

Whether you’re looking to update all or part of your wardrobe,  just need a few new-season pieces, or a special occasion dress and accessories, your Personal Stylist will scour the net to find the perfect look just for you. 

Let Alison take all the guess-work and leg-work out of online shopping while you work/sleep or play!

Not everyone likes shopping – and not everyone is good at it either! Many of us are just too busy or have better things to do than wander around the malls on our days off, looking for clothes that we don’t even know will suit us.  Alison uses her Personal Styling skills, extensive research, along with insider access to a huge range of retailers and sales to source items and labels you may not ever have considered,  giving you access to stores that may not otherwise have been within your reach.

Here’s How It Works!

Receive a comprehensive list of suggested items with links, photos and prices based on your individual requirements – your body shape, budget, lifestyle and personality.  Items are sourced  only after Alison’s comprehensive Pre-Styling Client Profiling has been completed so you can be sure your Personal Stylist knows you and your needs well enough to find just the right items for you, within your specified budget. All you do is order the items you like (or as many choose to do, order all of Alison’s suggestions!) have them delivered to your door, try them on in the comfort of your own home and just return whatever doesn’t fit or (rarely) what you don’t like!). OR Alison can source items in stores for you to go and try on at a time that suits you too. The choice is yours! During the sourcing process, Alison will also send you notes and tips that she thinks may also help you along your style-journey based on the questions you’ve asked and the information she gathers in the Pre-Styling stage. She is also available via email and SMS to give you any advice you need on what to wear where, and how.

Just kick back, relax and let Style Counsel do all the work for you! If this is something you’d like to consider, here’s what you do next…

Request your Pre-Styling Kit now and ask for your customised quote. Prices vary depending how much you need Alison to source for you, but you will be surprised how easy and affordable this unique service can be!

Online Styling PDF – pass it on to your friends!

On a slightly more personal note…

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve chosen this method of sourcing items for my clients, instead of taking people shopping in person?Well, for a number of reasons – health issues mainly – pounding the pavements with clients is becoming increasingly difficult for me, but the very thing that is proving to be an obstacle has actually proven to be the catalyst for a positive change that has allowed me to think outside the square and become even more accessible to more clients while still delivering the 100% quality of service I pride myself on.

Online styling has enabled me to keep up with client demand better. I can now fit in more clients (hence cutting down the long waiting-list to see me!) and my services are now more accessible to people who need professional advice, but want to shop and work with me from the comfort of their own home, in their own time, no matter where they live! When I used to take people shopping, I used to do a lot of my research ahead of time online anyway – to keep up with what’s in stores etc. Now I just take that research to you sooner, so when I spot something new that would suit my clients, I can SMS or email them straight away. That way they can also grab great deals in real-time and not miss out!

NOTE: I am in the process of revamping my website and blog to include ongoing tips, sale previews etc.  So make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out – and spread the word about Style Counsel too, sista! It’s my PERSONAL touch that gives Personal Styling a whole knew meaning…

‘Til next time…

Big Al x

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