Style Counsel 10th Birthday JORD Watch Giveaway

Style Counsel 10th Birthday JORD Watch Giveaway


I love a good watch. It’s always been a bit of passion of mine. In fact, I still recall using my first commission cheque from my first job in Television (waaaay back in the 80’s!) to buy a Christian Bernard timepiece with a brown leather strap. Well, fast-forward to to 2014 and you’ll still see my passion remains…

I was lucky enough recently to have discovered the Wood Watch from Jord. The lovely guys from Jord have asked me to road-test and write a review of their product (below) but the really great news for you is this…

As part of Style Counsel’s 10th Birthday celebrations, I’m giving YOU the chance to win your very own Fieldcrest watch (just like the one in the picture) in our JORD WOODWATCH giveaway!  The competition is open to everyone worldwide, so what are you waiting for?  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me in 25 words or less why you’d like to win. 

When I discovered that watches could be made from wood instead of the usual metal, glass or plastic I was intrigued. JORD (pronounced Yoad) makes a huge range of designs in many different woods, but I chose the Fieldcrest in Maple (pictured above) because, well, basically I have tiny wrists and figured this style would work best on me.  But anyone who knows Style Counsel and my signature style will know why I chose this particular one, and it’s not just about size…

The Fieldcrest is light in colour, neutral, and has a clean and simple design and it’s no secret that I like clean, simple lines.  It is what I’d consider a medium sized watch – neither strictly masculine nor feminine in it’s size or styling – so definitely suitable for both men and women.  JORD has a variety of other designs, face-shapes, colours and sizes, so if you prefer to make even more of a statement with your wristwatch the sky’s the limit!

When I pulled mine out of it’s gorgeous little box where it happily slept on it’s stylish little pillow, I was very impressed.  It is, quite simply, stunning. SO lightweight (perfect for summer, with your tan/white wardrobe ensemble) but also perfect all year round. This beautiful and unique timepiece will be a welcome addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

It has a flexible multi-link watch band very similar to the stainless steel ones you will find on many watches, but it’s created from wood instead of metal. The watchband has a small logo and “JORD” laser etched beside the clasp, and larger logo engraved on the back of the watch case.  It has 3 metal hands, and simple lines instead of numerals – these all glow in the dark too! (Bonus!)

The watch is powered by a Citizen Miyota movement and the watch case, band and face are all made of wood.  The wood has been finished beautifully giving it a flawlessly smooth surface. It’s incredibly lightweight and therefore very comfortable to wear. I can’t imagine wearing a watch of this size or bigger and it feeling this weightless on.

As with all natural wood products, a big part of the appeal is the individuality of the grain – which means that no two timepieces will ever be exactly the same! You can easily remove links to adjust it’s size – that’s important for me, given that no watch ever fits me without the removal of links (usually many!).  Note: Removing the links in the band and also removing the watch back to change batteries, both require small watchmaker screwdrivers.

So, in summary, what do I love most about the Fieldcrest? I love the colour, I love how light and comfortable it is to wear. I love how it makes a statement without overpowering any outfit, and the fact that I’m not going to ever see one that is 100% identical to mine because of the unique wood-grain in every watch. It ticks all my boxes:  elegant, lightweight, practical, modern and unique.

RRP for the Fieldcrest (Maple) is $120 but there are many other styles available at Do you yourself a favour (if you don’t win this time) and visit the website/order your own!

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18 Responses to Style Counsel 10th Birthday JORD Watch Giveaway

  1. My inner hippy is coming out more and more, and I love the use of natural materials and the earthy, neutral look of these watches.

  2. Every time I check the time its gorgeous natural look would remind me to slow down and enjoy the world around me!

  3. I want to win this watch because it looks nice! I bet it would fit every outfit I have in my closet 😀

  4. Gorgeous natural watch that goes with everything. I can’t imagine not wearing it! Its very different and I love that its eco friendly. I bet the pilots would eat this up! at gmail dot com

  5. These watches are the best I have seen in a long time. I would love to have a stylish watch that just brings out the style in me for sure or just suddenly brings me style

  6. Environmentally friendly fashion items are a must have for me! This watch would look amazing styled with some funky casual clothes.

  7. Wood watches are great for the environment, plus they are a fantastic conversation starter. I have a different brand, but would love to add to the collection.

  8. Because my birthday is coming and it would be such a nice and unique present ! Thanks for the chance !

  9. I would love to win because they are beautiful and I’m allergic to most watch metals. Thanks!

  10. Colour-perfect neutral, easy to read, wood fit my slim wrist, timeless style- I’ll wear it for years, my name’s on it-maiden name Jordan.

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