Style Counsel Visits Rockhampton

Style Counsel Visits Rockhampton

September 4th, 2013, I set out on my first trip to Rockhampton. I had only days before regained enough voice to be heard, but it takes more than a second dose of laryngitis to keep me away! I was visiting a mother-daughter duo – Wanda and Brittany Lester – I was a “gift” to them both!

The Morning Bulletin covered my two-day visit, and despite a few hurdles (Wanda got a dose of food-poisoning some two hours into my first foray with her wardrobe) and Brittany’s wardrobe had to be looked at out of boxes and suitcases as she was moving house the next day, we still did it!

Check out the news article below, and more of the pics we took during our sessions together.

I’m hoping to do a few more trips to regional areas so if you or someone you know would fancy “the gift of style”, just drop me a line. I’m also hoping to run some events like style workshops – spreading the Style Counsel message and bringing my special brand of style from the inside out to those who might otherwise never have had a chance to meet or work with me…


































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