Ubermen Uber-cool

Ubermen Uber-cool

I recently discovered the uber-cool menswear fashion label UBERMEN, and I am very happy I did.  You see, when my husband Shane decides he will wear something other than his oldest, daggiest and baggiest, he actually doesn’t scrub up too bad!  And as I was lucky enough to be asked to review some samples from Ubermen’s new season’s range, I am pleased to say my husband has never looked better!  The only problem is, I think all the compliments he’s received are causing his head to grow, shall we say, a little large? Hmmm…I must see what can be done about that.

In the meantime – while I work out a way of shrinking my husband’s enlarged head – I thought I’d share some of the pieces he’s actually been wearing of late. Because the thing is, while initially I had some reservations about whether a more “mature” man could pull this look off in style, I now stand corrected! And happily!

I am sure there will be something here (a lot, actually) that will inspire you to go shopping at www.Ubermen.com.au for some great new gear for your man. Or if you’re one of my many male clients, you’ll surely pay them a visit,  armed with my recommendations of course!

The Ubermen brand focuses on details by incorporating new designs to advance an otherwise simple, classic range of menswear. The label strives for distinctiveness, innovation and quality. Garments are easy to mix and match to ease the daily hassle of creating outfits for the everyday wardrobe – especially if you choose well – as I think I’ve done here for my own husband!

Please note: The following pictures are not said husband. Let’s just say he’s slightly more “mature” than this dashing young model. Oh, and nowhere near as  but JUST as good looking as the model of course!

2013-06-15_22-50-51This is Shane’s new  Grey jacket  which can be worn anywhere from the football, to dinner to work. Very warm yet very lightweight, this double breasted pea-coat retails for $250  and is the perfect topper for many winter outfits. The classic styling will ensure he’ll be wearing this year in, year out.

Here are a few close-up shots to show the detailing and fabrication:

2013-06-15_22-51-23 2013-06-15_22-50-09

Below is Shane’s very cool pink shirt. I have to say, my hubby looks great in pink  and also in what I refer to as  “guylac” (lilac). Many man do.  It actually does wonders to warm the complexion. Trust me!  I love the quirky but subtle styling of this affordable piece. The black buttons and  “misplacement” of the collar buttons, gives it a little something without going OTT. It’s 80% cotton and 20% poly for easy-care. And a great price!          RRP $55


And here’s his lovely new suit which actually has a teensy bit of sparkle to it! Great worn separately to dress up dark jeans for a casual dinner, and equally great worn as a suit for evening functions or special occasions. RRP $350



And lastly, here’s his great new white shirt in 100% cotton – because you  simply can’t ever have enough white shirts, can you?!  Again, note the subtle quirky detailing with closer-set buttons. The fabric has wide self-striping and the quality is great …RRP $100


So now that I’ve whet your appetite for some great new gear for your other half (or for the guys reading,  yourself!), here’s where you can get your hands on the range:

Buy Online at www.ubermen.com.au 

 If you’re in Brisbane, you’ll find the label in person at Principessa in Anne Street Fortitude Valley.  

If you’re in Victoria, visit Design A Space at the three locations below:



And here are some more outfits for inspiration. Go check them out now. You’ll be glad you did!

2013-06-13_15-20-53 2013-06-13_15-18-01


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