What’s a Girl to Wear?

A possible answer to the question "What shoes will I wear?" during Queensland's Big Wet. I call them Flipperlettos

OK, so we all know the importance of selecting the right shoes, right?! And how the wrong choices can have you exiled to Nanna territory in a “jiffy” (pardon the pun). If you follow my blog, subscribe to my newsletters or have attended any of my workshops, you’d probably already know my thoughts on shoes and bags. MORE shoes and bags girls! They are SO important when it comes to finishing off an outfit in style…

Well! Can you just imagine my Stylist’s horror when I found these flipper-lettos?  I believe in comfort AND style. I believe practicality AND style. And I always say neither has to be mutually exclusive. So what the hell is goin’ on here then?!

I shared this pic with my Tweep (Twitter followers) yesterday. And while this pic did indeed give many of us a chuckle I don’t think for a minute these shoes are for real (at least I sure as hell hope  they’re not!). But they did get me to thinking about fashion and how fads and trends start.

If you want to see some seriously funny fashion trends, there are some real beauties (pics) below.  So if you’re in the mood for a bit of people watching and fashion-policing,  you’ve come to the right place! Settle in and enjoy the giggle!

I often talk about dressing in Style instead of fashion. In fact I ALWAYS talk about that! And many a  fashion crime is commented when one doesn’t dress appropriately for the occasion, location, personality, budget, lifestyle, body-shape – the list goes on. But not dressing appropriately for the climate often tops the list. Think thongs in the middle of winter. Shorts and ugg boots. Boob-tubes and a beanie/scarf. Pulleeease!  But then there’s taking warmth/comfort and fashion to a whole other level…

Introducing (thanks to my Tweeps who shared similar pics of these ingenious numbers with me) a novel take on the Snuggy. It’s called the ONESIE! Yikes! Even though it would certainly be appropriate to wear during The Big Freeze  it’s about as stylish a snuggy with a crutch. That is all.

Oh dear. Words are just not enough...

The Dress Like a Toddler Trend

While researching the Onesie phenomena, I stumbled upon this  even more disturbing fashion trend. The “Dress Like A Toddler” Trend! Check out the range of items available to you if you want to really stand out from the crowd!

A short version of the Onesie made by Cosy & Dry
Then there's the ivory or pink tights to wear with the nappy...& wait 'till you see the shoes that go with this!
Like I said, they come in a range of colours to suit all tastes!
There are fun tees, dummies, adult bottles with extra large teets...the list goes on!
And these gorgeous little Mary Janes to finish off your look in total style! Told you the importance of the shoe, didn't I?!

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this blog are personal. If I have offended anyone who loves or follows the above trends, please accept my deepest apologies. Then call me, and I’ll get you the help you need!

I’d love you to share your thoughts with me here – or photos of fashion-faux pas! After all, sharing is caring, right? …

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