What’s Your Body Shape?

2013-03-05_18-11-30For years, women all over the world have been fixated on naming and shaming. Well, let me clarify…on labeling their body shape. And years later, many are still struggling to work which category they fit into. More importantly though, many are then at a loss to know what to do with it once they work it out!

Over the next few posts…

I’m going to explode some myths about the traditional disguises you’ve tried and give you some tips on how to make the most out of “what yo mumma gave you”.

I’ll explain how to create the illusion of the most desired “feminine form” – the hourglass – whether or not you have one naturally!

But this week…

I’ll show you how to quickly work out your body shape once and for all – and it’s going to be different to anything else you’ve ever read, or how you’ve always thought you should take your measurements. This isn’t about SIZING, it’s about working out once and for all what your natural body shape is. Read on – you know you want to…


This week’s Question:  How do I know what my body shape is?

Al’s Answer:  Two-dimensional silhouette measurements is the key.  Here’s how you do it:

Stand in your knickers (or naked) – whichever you like – but here’s the hard part…in front of a full-length mirror OR have someone take your photo standing front-on. Imagine your silhouette is being seen as just that. A shadow/silhouette in front of a white screen. Take a tape measure and have someone (or yourself) measure you from end to end at these three points:

  1. Your widest point above the waist (i.e. shoulders or top of arms)
  2. Your waist (where ever that may be, it’s your slimmest point between your breast and hip bones. And don’t worry, you may not even have one, but that’s important to note!)
  3. Your widest point above your knees (could be your hips or just below,  i.e. your thighs)

NOTE: These are not the measurements “around” those areas. These are taken from left to right, two-dimensionally. This is why it’s best to get someone to take the measurement for you to be most accurate. The measurement is taken from point to point as if measuring the shadow/silhouette, not around you.

Pears/Triangles: Your widest point will be #3 (below the waist).

Apples/Columns/Rectangles: (i.e. no real waist to speak of) your widest point may be around your middle/waist which is #2 (i.e you carry most of your weight around your mid section).

Hourglass: There will be a definite “curve” in the measurements between your widest point above (that’s #1) and below the waist (that’s #3). These measurements (#1 & #3) will be (close to) equal.

Wedge/Pear/Inverted Triangle: Your #1 measurement (above the waist) will be larger than your #3 (below the waist).

NOTE: Even when you gain/lose weight, your basic body shape never really changes.  It just becomes a larger or smaller version of whatever shape silhouette you have just worked out above.

Next time…   

“So you’ve worked it out and  know what shape you are.  NOW WHAT?” 

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