Monkey See Monkey Do?

Monkey See Monkey Do?

Honestly, if you learn nothing else from reading any of the content on this site, I really do hope this one little pearl of styling wisdom is what you will heed…

Just because it’s IN doesn’t mean you have to be IN IT!

There are many fashionistas who gain confidence buying all the latest designer labels in the hottest new styles and colours. They think that because they are “bang on trend” they are ticking all the boxes. Pardon the cliche stylist-speak there.  I used those terms mainly as an example of how even using certain phrases doesn’t make it cool or stylish.

All of the items below are truly “bang on trend”! Yet I have really struggled to find even one photograph of anyone wearing said items and looking stylish! Sure the look is “in”, but for me that’s where it stops. 

DISCLAIMER: Now before you decide to egg my house or trip me over in the streets, please let me explain to anyone out there who has just bought themselves a floral jacket, floral leggings or wedge trainers.  I really don’t mean to offend. Please remember, opinions are like bums – everyone has one. And this is just one stylist’s humble opinion on “what not to wear” used only for the purpose of training your eye for style – as opposed to fashion.

My goal is to teach you all to become stylists. Not fashion critics, not fashion police, not fashionistas, not fashion victims. Stylists. Of yourself.


It really is easy to follow fashion. But it’s a very different story when it comes to being discerning about which trends to follow and which to run away from, screaming “I’m in a safe place. I’m in a safe place”! Fashion and style do NOT always go hand in hand. I’ve written about this many times before here and here and also here.

“What Not To Wear”

It’s a fact. Most of us know what we DON’T LIKE.  The trick is finding what we DO LIKE, let alone then being able to put it all together to create a stylish outfit combination. In general, the old “less is more” adage applies. The more you tweak and add and overthink an outfit, generally the worse it becomes.

So why don’t I think any of the items above are even remotely stylish?  Two words. Fashion. Fad. Think Joseph’s techni-colour dream-coat. Think busy, busy, busy. Think way too many focal points.  The clothes wear you instead of you wearing them.  Think of the worst 80’s fad you fell victim to once wore with confidence,  and now cannot believe you ever let yourself be seen wearing it in public.  Ask yourself: “Are any of these items even remotely classic?” And “Could you really call them stylish?” That’s how I reached my conclusion that these were three current season trends I would not be following. What about you? How do you decide?

This post isn’t meant to sound bitchy or judgemental – it’s simply a critique of a few of the latest trends, and more about learning how to style. It’s about casting an eye over an outfit and working out what you think does/doesn’t work. How to improve every outfit you see. There’ll be more to follow in future posts when I see a trend that I feel needs further discussion.

So there you go… Please feel free to comment and share you opinions on how you’d improve the following outfits. Because remember: Opinions are like bums. Everyone has one! 


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  1. I am so happy about this post! I am sick of hearing about how you must wear trainers, they remind too much of going to school in the 80’s and I know if I put them on it would be too forced and I wouldn’t feel comfy.

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