How To Wear Skinny Jeans

2013-03-09_11-08-57Once upon a time – many moons ago – I commented that skinny jeans were a passing trend and should only be considered if you were tall and thin. Well, am I eating my words! Over time, the silhouette – like most trends which we may balk at initially -have grown on me (and many others!) and clearly skinnies are here to stay.

But many women still think they can’t wear skinny jeans because they’re,  well, not skinny enough. But that’s just not true! Almost anyone can wear skinny jeans if you know how.

Here are a few tips on how to wear them well along with some extra tips thrown in for good measure with different body shapes in mind…

The Skinny on Skinnies (the basics)

Choose a simple, dark wash for denim jeans. This is more universally slimming and less distracting than styles with too many bells and whistles.  Darker washes are also dressier and can take you from day to night with a simple change of shoes.

  • Save distressed denim for boyfriend-style jeans (and for how to wear them, click here).
  • If wearing ballet flats, try cropping to just at the ankle to show off the slimmest part of the leg and avoid looking too chunky.
  • Think fit & flare. At the risk of sounding like a stuck record (I’ve drummed this into my clients for years!) when wearing skinny on the bottom, balance with volume on the top (and vice versa).
  • No midriffs (on anyone, no matter how hot the body!). If you’re conscious of your rear-end, try a longer-line top or cardigan.


If You’re Straight Up & Down

Easy! Skinny jeans are made for you!  But if you want to give the illusion of having a few more curves, just add a jacket that has a rounded hem, up slightly from hips. Peplums also help.

If You’re An Apple

Try smock-style tops, kaftans or tunics but make sure they are not too long (and look like a dress worn over jeans). Make sure they end just at the top of the thigh (not much lower). Add bold accessories to break up the bulk of fabric. Choose soft floaty fabrics to ensure things don’t look too top-heavy.

If You’re Curvy (Hourglass)

Lucky you! Depending on how pronounced your curves are – and how confident you are – play this body shape up to the max. Blazers, belts, peplums – all will enhance your curves. If you’re petite and curvy, heels will always make you look longer and leaner. If you can’t handle heels, go for a wedge. Crop your jeans to show a little skin (ankles) in summer for a more feminine touch.

If You’re Height Challenged (Short)

Create a column of colour by wearing a monochromatic colour scheme (i.e. Not too much contrast between  tops and bottoms). Carry that colour right down to your shoes if you can. Break it up with a contrasting scarf or necklace or bag.

6 Responses to How To Wear Skinny Jeans

    • I hear you girl! Honest! Rather than repeat the sane old stuff over & over, I like to refer to previous posts re creating balance and proportion. While I didn’t specifically address “pear shapes” in this post, I hope I’d hoped to give as much info as I could (within limits) about balancing upper & lower body – especially when not super-tall/slim.

      More specifically for pears…the key is that you make the upper body “larger” by opening up the neckline/shoulder region. Downplay the hip region with rounded-off jackets instead of jackets or tips that fall right on the widest point; and pay attention to the shoes /hem length to create balance or distraction (whichever is most appropriate for you).

      Hope that helps some? Be sure to check out previous posts re crating the illusion of a waist, body shape etc. It all comes together when read as part of a series… Promise!
      Big Al xx

      • Thanks so much! Great advice and I must have missed your last post, will definitely check it out! Thanks again xx

  1. Thanks so much for addressing this Alison. It’s been something I’ve often wondered about. Great advice.

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