Is Your Hair and Makeup Aging You?

Is Your Hair and Makeup Aging You?

Heavy makeup, too-long hair and outdated hairstyles can do wonders – if you want to ADD 10 or more years to your age!  The heavier the makeup, the older you look. The good news is, the opposite also applies to take 10 years off!

One day, when I pluck up the courage, I’m going to get my hair cut! Maybe not quite as short as the gorgeous Halle Berry (I don’t have her face, sadly!) but I will do something shorter and choppier and funkier. But until then…

No matter what your age, the right hair and makeup  (and outfit) can  takes years off!  A lighter touch really can make you seem ageless. Here are some tips to help you take 10 years off. ‘Cos after all, who really wants to add 10?!

  • Avoid too much powder, heavy eyeliner and super-white skin.  By the same token, avoid too much fake tan and orange makeup. You can go from albino to looking like you’ve been rolled in doritos in an instant, and neither look is good!  A better bet: Bronzed skin, light, smokey eyes and sheer lips
  • Avoid heavy foundations and powders: they settle into fine lines and wrinkles. Opt for a sheer tinted moisturizer, dewy pink blushes on the apples of cheeks and a swipe of bronzer across forehead, cheeks and nose (wherever the sun naturally hits).
  • Red lips are a timeless trend, but don’t let them clash with strong eye makeup. Keep the rest of your makeup light if you opt for bright lips to avoid looking like a clown – not a good look at any age.
  • Heavy eye-makeup is particularly aging. Heavy shadow all the way to the brows is always way too much.
  • Avoid the MacDonald’s Arches – you know, eyebrows that make you look permanently surprised! Thin, over-arched brows are never flattering, no matter what your age. Never pluck your brows (below the brow-line) from the midline inwards (towards your nose). Only pluck from the pupil outwards. You CAN however pluck the top of the brow-line from the pupil inwards. Just ask me and I’ll explain further!
  • Be careful how much you shine. If you have oily skin, use oil blotting papers instead of packing on the powder all day (instantly cakey and aging). Go for makeup that looks natural, even a little dewy. But be careful with shimmer –  it often just illuminates every line, wrinkle and pore.
  • Pick the right outfit – Make sure you keep hair and makeup simple if you’re statement dressing. If you opt for dark lips, they will always become the centre of attention. Keep the rest of your outfit, classy and simple, at all costs! (see pic below)


Jessica Biel’s makeup is competing for attention with that big black rosette on her top. I’m not sure who’s winning – the hair, clothes or the makeup – actually I don’t like either!


See how much younger Jessica  looks with natural makeup and loose, wavy hair?

  • Hair that falls just below the shoulders is universally flattering for most face shapes. If your hair is touching your nipples you can be pretty sure it’s too long and only drags your features right down along with it.
  • Lashes do wonders for every woman, but avoid extreme false lashes or extensions that look more like spider’s legs. Avoid layers of thick clumpy mascara for the same reason.
  • Updos can be flattering for the right occasion, but they can also age you. Be careful with tendrils which went out of style more than two decades ago (think prom queen circa 1986)
  • Avoid visible tattoos – you may have been a cool rock-chick in your youth, but at 5o, bold body art starts to take on a life of it’s own – not so cool…
  • Avoid super-short minis – even if you have a great set of pins. Less is always more. Anywhere from just above the knee to just below is always much more flattering!
  • Wear white against your face – even just a flash of a white cami (to cover cleavage) can make all the difference! Trust me. It works!


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