“Love Your Body” – it’s the only one you’ve got!

This Tuesday (20th April) I will be guest-speaker at the YWCA’s “Love Your Body” event. And I am very humbled to hear that this has been sold-out for quite a few weeks now!  Who’d have thought that this little “Big Al” could attract such a crowd?! Oh, OK…so it might not be little ol’ me that’s the drawcard here. I know my pull as a celebrity pales into insignificance when compared to my two stylish offsiders  – but still! Let me have my two minutes worth of delusions of grandeur, please! Knowing that there has already been such a response has made me feel my share of “self-doubt” as I throw myself into the scary world of “live appearances”. Where, if I make mistakes, fall off the stage, stutter, burp, or (God forbid) fart there will be no safety net.  And certainly no “take two” when I fluff my lines…(or “fluff” in the other sense of the word!).  Oh, yes! This could be a very interesting night!

There I will stand tall (well, as tall as my 5’2″ frame allows me to!) offering styling tips and tricks and answering audience questions in the company of two already VERY stylish and talented women – Rebecca Sparrow (well-known Author and columnist) and Emily Jade O’Keefe (104.5 MMM’s token breaky chick, Courier Mail’s Emily Everywhere Blogger). Will I be “star-struck” in their company? Hell yeah! Will I feel inferior and lacking in confidence with them? Hell no! Why? Easy! Two reasons: 1) Both are very stylish and down to earth “real” women who are there for the same reasons I am;  and 2) Because I hopefully know my stuff and believe enough in what I’m there to do/speak about that no matter how famous my counterparts are, or whether or not I forget a few things or pull off the most stylish of makeovers, all the women attending the event will have just as much STYLE too, and will not “boo” me offstage if I’m less than perfect!

What will I be concentrating on during my appearance? Certainly NOT fashion! Definitely NOT the latest trends or must-have designer labels! Oh no! Not this humble little Stylist! What I will be talking about is body shape and how most women really are way too hard on themselves. I will discuss silhouettes and how you can quickly and easily achieve a stylish look using your body as the blank canvas and drawing on it whatever shape you want it to be.  I will focus on colour (no – not “colour consulting” with swatches of fabric or painter’s colour wheels) and how basic black is NOT the only answer to appearing slimmer. I will answer questions and dress Emily-Jade in some of my selections from the YWCA’s Thrift Shop to illustrate my points along the way – proving that you don’t need to spend a motza to exude true style!

Why am I so passionate about teaching women to “Love their Body”?

Because it’s the only one you have! And while you may think it is far from perfect, rest-assured most of the people you meet are not seeing your body through the same harsh/critical magnifying glasses you are. They are not analyzing it to within an inch of it’s life, focusing on (all of your perceived) imperfections. Others are looking at the bigger picture: The way you make them feel in your presence. Whether you care about you, and in turn about them. They are interested in what you have to say; your quirky sense of humour; your compassion; your sensitivity; your strength; your loyalty; the list goes on. They are NOT focusing on the size of your toosh, nor the “back fat” you are so worried about; your “muffin-top”, dimply thighs, cankles, ugly feet, big arse, belly-bulge, knobbly-knees, saggy boobs or any other imperfection you are obsessing about!

And how do I know this?

Because this is what I do for a living, and I meet way too many people (mainly women) who do this to themselves – putting themselves under such close scrutiny that it’s impossible for them to see themselves as others see them. As I (their Personal Stylist) see them! Thankfully, my clients get a good dose of “Big Al-isms” up-close-and-personally. They get slapped around (figuratively speaking, ofcourse. I’m honestly not a violent person!) until they come around to MY way of thinking! They finally learn to look at their body through the eyes of someone else, and to appreciate the body they were given – with all of it’s flaws and all of it’s assets. They learn to down-play the imperfections and to play UP the best bits. It’s that easy. And that hard.

Just trust me. I know! The title of my Style Workshops (and the book I’m working on) isn’t “Does My Bum Look Big In This?” for nothing, ya know!

See you Tuesday! And if I don’t, drop me a “comment” or two below and share your thoughts on how you have (or haven’t) learned to “Love Your Own Body”!

Big Al x

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