Do You Love Your Body?

Do You Love Your Body?

Last night (20th April 2010) I had the pleasure of accompanying on stage, two very stylish women – Triple M’s Emily Jade and well known author Rebecca Sparrow. What fun we all had, and how lucky was I to have a model who was too humble to share with me her latest style achievement – being voted one of  FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World! If you could’ve seen first-hand how amazing EJ looked in my selection of $5 op-shop finds you’d completely understand how deserving that title really is!  To see more photos of last night’s event, and her hilarious explanation of how she came to find out about her latest ranking on that Top 100 list, check out Emily Jade’s blog – it’s an amazing read!

I opened my presentation with the following words which were sent to me earlier that day by a very dear friend. Her  words really touched me and as soon as I read her email I knew I had to share them on stage and in my next Blog. Here’s what she said…

I am happy in my own skin, so I try and focus on that when feeling down on myself. I have grown wiser with age and now listen to my body especially when it tells me it only wears high waisted pants now!” (Editor’s note: I must have a word to you about that one Chrissy! Need to find out how high is high in your eye!). “Our bodies are so much more than visual entities and that is what we women have to get our heads around.  A big smile more beautiful than a tiny waist; welcoming eyes more appealing than welcoming breasts; and a heart and mind at peace more important than any body part!  So now I focus on nourishing my body not for how it will look but how it will feel, and thats what matters to me. I guess the old saying when you feel good you look good has a lot of truth in it.Christina – Gold Coast.

The Style Counsel Motto: “The best way to make yourself feel good, is to help someone else feel even better”

If my humble little presentation helped even one more person to believe in their own beauty – inside and out – then that was indeed a job-well-done by Big Al and one for which I will feel quite proud!  I really do believe and live by my own Style Counsel “raising self-esteem” motto. And I hope that by sharing some of my Styling tips last night, I actually did help a few women to feel better about and love their own body – no matter what size or shape it may be!

Thank you to all the wonderful women who attended last night’s event and supported the YWCA. What a fantastic organisation it is!  I for one will be offering my services in whatever way I can and I am sure many of you who attended will also feel compelled to join me. Please feel free to share your comments below too, so you can inspire others with your thoughts on style and self-esteem and everything in between – just like Christina’s words above inspired me!


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  1. Hey lovely Style Counsel readers! Me thinks “commenting on blogs” may be a little foreign for some of us? If so, I thought I’d get the ball rolling here and show you it’s really quite painless – even a little bit of fun! Share your comments on any of the blogs, or perhaps the contents of my new e-booklet above – show everyone how it’s done! I love to hear from you all…many of you email me directly (which is lovely) but others don’t get to share your words of wisdom or questions. Give it a go! You never never know if you never never go! Big Al xxx

  2. I thought it was very brave of Emily Jade to get up on that stage infront of so many people. I bet every one of those women in the room held much admiration for her. It is not easy to get up infront of others, particularly women, when you KNOW you are going to me judged, it certainly is a daunting and vulnerable position to put yourself in. I hope Emily is proud of herself, and realises that she, like many other women, has many, many qualities that are worth celebrating.

    As for my own insecurities…

    Things I hate (on my bad days)
    1. My big, un-toned thighs
    2. My chunky calves
    3. My current pot belly (where did it come from?)
    4. My fat arms
    5. The cellulite on my butt

    Sometimes I wonder how my boyfriend even finds me attractive sometimes, which is very sad!

    Things I like (on my good days)
    1. My face (lips, eyes etc)
    2. My skin
    3. My body shape (hourglass)
    4. My awesome natural boobs
    5. My stomach (when it is flat!)
    6. My hair
    7. My smile and my teeth
    8. My round butt that looks mighty fine in a pair of sass and bides…
    9. On a non-appearance note, I like my ability to empathise with people, my loyalty, my good sense of humour and ability to laugh at myself, my great creative writing skills, my great academic record, intelligence, worldly view, and I’m a natural at dancing…

    On my good days I just think I’m smoking hot I have come to realise that despite working out 6 times a week, I will never be ‘skinny’. I have always been a size 10, 8 at my smallest, but I will always be ‘curvy’. I always think at least I am fit and healthy, I can run 15km without gasping for breath. I would prefer it if I focused more on my fitness and health rather than my looks.

    Women have so much pressure placed on them to be perfect, it is unfair but we do play a part in placing this pressure on ourselves and eachother. We need to stop being catty and judgemental and instead nurturing and positive.

    I’m glad you are helping to raise awareness about women’s body issues, please keep it up!

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