On Trend vs Fashion Victim

2013-02-16_12-24-50Most of us want to know that we’re looking OK – that we’re not totally devoid of fashion savvy and at the very least, not being laughed at behind our backs.  Most of us doubt ourselves at some point (in fact, I’d dare say ALL of us!) and that’s why the fashion industry continues to make a motza out of unsuspecting people who aren’t 100% sure but continue to buy the latest must-haves as dictated by the fashion media. All in the hope that they’ll look “on trend”.

They say there’s a fine line between genius and madness. And in the fashion world, never was a truer word spoken! Think about the trends that we’ve all fallen victim to over the years. And watch how many of those keep coming back year after year to bite us? Proving to us all, time and time again, just how tragic cool we once were are!

With all of the latest trends, it’s a good idea to look at the sell-job on the runways of  fashion week and in the fashion media.  Then cast your mind back to how that trend looked looked way back. Way back when you may have embraced it with wild abandon as a teenager. Is today’s updated version better? (I sure hope so!). Even still, if you did that look back then, ask yourself if you still have the body/personality/budget/circumstances to stylishly and confidently carry it off  THIS time round. If your answer has even a hint of hesitation, please rethink your revisitation of the latest fads trends must-haves fashions. Or simply ASK AL !

This week, let’s take a look at animal prints, shall we?…


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