When Fashion Fails – and Why

OK. I know it sounds a bit harsh. And I know there will already be some of you saying to yourself “But why? I think she looks lovely in the red skirt. And besides, it would hide my legs, and I’m not a great fan of them” etc etc…

But if you want my professional opinion as to WHY I think these three looks are not hot, here’s why!

Image #1) Where does your eye go to first? Exactly! The detailing on the lower half draws the eye down – and generally to an area where we gals are not usually fans of ourselves! It also makes the lower half look larger/wider than it is. There is no shape to the legs because of the somewhat dowdy length of the skirt. Overall, this look is shapeless and old-fashioned with the focal points being in all the wrong places.

Image #2) Detailing on the lower half of the body (again) draws the eye downwards and away from her lovely face. Could’ve been much better body-con if the detailing had been kept simple and basically just shaved off the hips or added length to the torso. Set-in sleeves make the lower half look wider by comparison. If sleeves had been capped or puffed or floaty/ruffled, the lower half would shrink substantially.

Image #3) Rouching at the  hip level only makes the hips appear larger. Set-in sleeves make shoulders look narrower than the hips. Would have worked much better with some extra detailing on the top half or at the shoulders to create balance. Again, also a bit too old/dowdy overall.

SO! Now I’ve said all that, what are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? It’s OK either way. After all, opinions are like bums. We all have one! lol 🙂


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